Arak Brun 5 Special Reserve 750ml

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Type : Arak
Manufacturer : Domaine des Tourelles - Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
Grape varieties : Obeidi
Alcohol content : 53%
Contents : 0.75 liters
Best served: With water and ice for mezze dishes. One third arak & two thirds water.

Arak Brun 5 Special Reserve:
Made from the alcohol of the Obeidi grapes grown on the estate, which are harvested at optimum ripeness and mixed with fresh aniseed. Named after François-Eugène Brun, the Arak Brun is the most famous arak in the world. It is produced in a hundred-year-old cellar of the renowned Domaine des Tourelles and traditionally processed with a three-stage distillation in traditional stills and then matured for 5 years in old clay jugs.

The Arak Brun Special Reserve is considered to be one of the best of the Lebanese Arak Brun family. Distilled from local grapes and flavored with green aniseed, it has an overwhelming taste and gives dishes an herbaceous character. The aniseed taste is intensified by the essence of black jelly beans, liquorice and fennel.

An important step in the process is the triple distillation with a still, which is called "Karakeh" in Arabic.

The harvest is in September and October. The grapes are crushed and left to ferment for three weeks. The mixture is poured into the lower part of the karakeh, where it is heated until it evaporates and is cooled in the upper part by a stream of cold water. At this stage it is pure alcohol. Anise and water can be added during the second or third distillation. The mixture makes the taste of every house unique.

Arak Brun is recognized worldwide as the most prestigious Lebanese arak, it is produced in the hundred-year-old cellar of the Domaine des Tourelles winery (Bekaa Valley).

It is completely free of methanol, a poisonous substance that is usually found in unsuitably distilled spirits.
The crystal clear arak matures for one year in artisanal clay pots.
With its fine softness and pleasant taste, Arak Brun goes perfectly with your Mediterranean dishes and your appetite cravings.

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