I’m a Lebanese living in Hamburg since 2011 and among other things that I missed from home is the great wine. You heard it right, the Lebanese wine. As I unsuccessfully searched for Lebanese wine in Hamburg, I realised that most people here are unaware of its existence. So I decided to take action.



In 2018 I founded the wine cat with the purpose of bringing to you some of the best Lebanese wines and sharing the long history and importance of wine making in the country. I met winemakers, tried many wines and picked carefully.



Today, I aim to offer people a unique experience, and tell the story of a country, a culture, a heritage and a long wine tradition.






The Wine Cat was inspired by no other than my round and fluffy cat Django.


He’s not Lebanese and doesn’t drink wine either, but as I watch him sneak around my collection of wine bottles, I can’t help but imagine him as a wine connoisseur and a very wise cat.


...oh, and he’s a natural-born cat model. As you can see in the picture on the right hand side.