The Wine Cat - Wein aus dem Libanon

Welcome to The Wine Cat, your online store and guide to Lebanese wine. As a wine lover who was born and raised in Lebanon and has lived in Germany since 2011, I am pleased to be able to introduce you not only to some of the best Lebanese wines, but also to the history and long wine culture of my country of origin.

Lebanese wine is still relatively unknown in Germany, but what many may not know yet is that Lebanon has a very long wine culture that goes back around 6000 years. And despite the economic and political instability in the region and all the difficulties winemakers face in Lebanon, the country has been able to produce world-class wines.

The beginning: Lebanese wine

The Wine Cat Weine aus dem Libanon

In 2018 I founded The Wine Cat. The idea was to bring some of the best Lebanese wines and thus the history of a long tradition to Germany.
I met winemakers, tried many wines and finally selected the best of them for The Wine Cat.

Almost all of our wineries take an ecological approach to winemaking and always strive to preserve the character of the Lebanese terroir and the authenticity of Lebanese wine. I choose each wine carefully and make sure I have a varied selection that will suit all different tastes while respecting the characteristics of the region.

Partner for Greek wine

Griechischer Wein Partner

In 2021 I decided to expand the selection and add more Mediterranean wines. So I suggested to my good Greek friend Nikos Galanis to join the team as coordinator for Greek wine.
A combination of Lebanese and Greek wine selections makes a lot of sense as both countries not only share the Mediterranean Sea, but also in terms of history, Tradition, food and culture have a lot in common.

Although Nikos has a full-time job and is not 100% involved in the business, his contribution to our Greek wine selection is very important, because for me it is very important to have a partner who grew up in Greece, who knows the country and his Wine culture represented in the best possible way and knows very well and can play a very important role in communication with the wineries, the selection of wines and the appropriate recommendation for the customer.

My goal is to offer people something unique with the wines and to convey the very special history of a country, a culture and a long tradition to them. For the benefit!

The Wine Cat was inspired by my round and cuddly cat Django. He's not Lebanese and doesn't drink wine either - but when I see him sneaking around the bottles of my wine collection I imagine he's a connoisseur and a very smart hangover.

And by the way - as you can see on the photo on the right - he is an absolute natural talent as a model!

Cats love the sun and the sun loves the Mediterranean and The Cat here symbolizes the warmth and sun of the Mediterranean that bless the grapes from which our Lebanese wines are made.