Meet our Lebanese, Italian, Greek and Spanish winemakers who are behind your favorite wine and learn about their Mediterranean wineries and winemaking techniques.
Some of them are very old and traditional wineries, others are innovative and modern. However, the age of the winery does not play a role in the quality of the wine. All of our selected wineries produce world class wines from Lebanon and other Mediterranean countries. Most Lebanese wineries are located in Lebanon's largest wine region, the Bekaa Valley, and one of them is in Batroun in northern Lebanon.

Domaine des Tourelles Weingut Libanon

Domaine des Tourelles, Bekaa, Lebanon

The Domaine des Tourelles was founded in 1868 by the French François-Eugène Brun and is one of the oldest wineries in Lebanon and the Levant. read more>

Italienischer Schaumwein Garda DOC Maīa Selezione, Garda DOC, Italy

Quality, design and glamor are the key factors of Maĩa Selezione. A sparkling wine from Garda DOC. read more>

Wein aus Griechenland Muses Estate

Muses Estate, Viotia, Greece

Muses Estate is a traditional Greek winery that aims to respect its winemaking traditions and produce wines that are representative of the Valley of the Muses. read more>

Aurora Libanesisches Weingut Batroun

Aurora, Batroun, Lebanon

The family estate has been growing vineyards since 2003 and produces excellent wines from the village of Aoura on its mountainous terraces. read more>

Domaine Wardy, Bekaa, Lebanon

Domaine Wardy is a family-run winery and distillery in Zahle, Lebanon, whose roots go back to 1881.
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Couvent Rouge Weine aus dem Libanon

Couvent Rouge, Bekaa, Lebanon

Couvent Rouge is a young Lebanese winery that was founded in 2010 in Deir El Ahmar in the north of the Bekaa Valley. read more>

Tselepos Griechisches Weingut

Tselepos, Arcadia, Greece

30 years after its inception, the vision for Ktima Tselepos has come true and it is safe to say that they have left an indelible mark on Greek wine. read more>

Chateau Ksara, Bekaa, Lebanon

As the oldest winery in the country, the Chateau Ksara is committed to its centuries-old tradition of winemaking to this day.
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Ixsir Weingut Libanon

Ixsir, Batroun, Lebanon

Ixsir is a murderous and innovative Lebanese winery that was founded in 2008.
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Chateau Kefraya Wein Libanon

Chateau Kefraya, Bekaa, Lebanon

Chateau Kefraya is one of the largest and most famous wineries in Lebanon.
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Chateau Musar Weingut Libanon

Chateau Musar, Bekaa, Lebanon

Chateau Musar is the most revered and best known Lebanese winery in the world.
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Chateau Ka Weingut Libanon

Chateau Ka, Bekaa, Lebanon

Today, Château Ka is one of the few wineries in Lebanon that produces wine exclusively from its own vineyards
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Chateau St. Thomas Weingut Libanon

Chateau St. Thomas, Bekaa, Lebanon

The Château St Thomas winery is located on a hill overlooking the Bekaa Valley - the center of the Lebanese wine industry.
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