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Unlike white grapes, which turn into white wine, and red grapes, which turn into red wine, there are no pink grapes in nature.

Wines do not get their color from the juice, but from the contact of the juice with the skin of the grapes.
Winemakers produce a rosé wine by juicing red grapes and then the juice for a very short period of time, usually just two Leave to soak with the peel for up to three days. As soon as the juice takes on the beautiful pink color that the winemaker wants, the peels are removed and the juice can be fermented further.

In general, during winemaking in ancient times, wines were made that were lighter in color. This was because techniques such as longer maceration times and harder pressing of the grapes were not used. Often times, white and red grapes were mixed and pressed and stamped with the feet, resulting in wines with a light color.

The wine region known for producing most of the rosé wines is the French Mediterranean region of Provence.

Roséwein Libanon Italien

In the 19th century, French tourists flocked to places like the Côte d'Azur in southern France. After a long day of pétanque and swimming in the sea, they relaxed with a chilled glass of rosé. Suddenly these simple local wines became a symbol of glamor, leisure and summer.

A key factor in the recent success of rosé wines is, of course, that they work well in spring and summer as a fresh, fruity, light and chilled wine that is an alternative to more complex white and red wines

At some point the rosé wine practically lost its reputation for high quality. Instead, it has been replaced by the many red and white varieties we love today.

This generally unfavorable perception of rosé lasted well into the 20th century. Producers and consumers only preferred red and white wines.

That changed after the end of World War II. A couple of winemakers in Portugal made sweet and frothy rosé wines. It is important that they have been approved for both the European and the American market.

Today, the general taste for rosé has moved away from the sweet wines that led to its revival. Instead, most nowadays prefer drier wines, especially in the European and American markets.

Rosé wine is produced everywhere. The Mediterranean regions are among the leading producers of this type of wine, and that makes perfect sense when you know that the most famous rosé wines come from Mediterranean regions. Today not only France produces high quality rosé wine, but also Italy, Greece, Spain and Lebanon.

The first Lebanese rosé wine was produced in the 1960s by the Domaine des Tourelles and is not only in Lebanon, but on the has become a cult wine and a great success all over the world.
Italy has also become one of the largest producers of rosé wine. Italian rosé wines and rosé sparkling wines are simply sensational.

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Domaine des Tourelles Rose Wein Libanon
Domaine des Tourelles Rosé 2018 Roséwein | Bekaa Valley | 0,75L Domaine des Tourelles, Libanon
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Rosé Wein aus Griechenland
Muses Estate 9 Rosé 2019 Roséwein | Thivaikos | 0,75L Muses Estate, Griechenland
€11,93 / l
Rosé Wein aus dem LIbanon
Petit Couvent - Rosé 2020 Roséwein | Bekaa | 0,75L Couvent Rouge, Libanon
€13,27 / l
Ksara Sunset Rosé 2018
Ksara Sunset Rosé 2018 Roséwein | Bekaa Valley | 0,75L Chateau Ksara, Libanon
€12,67 / l
Les Gourmets Rosé Wein Libanon St. Thomas
Les Gourmets - Rosé 2019 Roséwein | Bekaa Valley | 0,75L Chateau St. Thomas, Libanon
€11,93 / l
Rosé Wein aus dem Libanon
Couvent Rouge - Rosé 2020 Roséwein | Bekaa | 0,75L Couvent Rouge, Libanon
€16,67 / l
Amuse Rosé 2020, Muses Estate
Amuse Rosé 2020, Muses Estate Roséwein | Sterea Ellada | 0,75L Muses Estate, Griechenland
€18,60 / l
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Domaine Wardy Rosé Libanon
Domaine Wardy Beqaa Valley Rosé 2019 Roséwein | Bekaa Valley | 0,75L Domaine Wardy, Libanon
€11,65 price€12,95
€15,53 / l
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Aurora Weingut Rosé Wein Libanon
Aurora Rosé 2020 Roséwein | Batroun | 0,75L Aurora, Libanon
€11,25 price€12,50
€15,00 / l
Ixsir Altitudes Rosé Wein Libanon
Ixsir Altitudes Rosé 2018 Roséwein | Batroun | 0,75L Ixsir, Libanon
€16,67 / l
Rosé Wein aus dem LIbanon - Libanesisches Weingut Chateau Kefraya - Breteches Rosé
Les Bretèches Rosé 2020, Chateau Kefraya Roséwein | Bekaa Valley | 0,75L Chateau Kefraya, Libanon
€17,27 / l
Musar Jeune Rosé 2019
Musar Jeune Rosé 2019 Roséwein | Bekaa Valley | 0,75L Chateau Musar, Libanon
€19,33 / l