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Since the beginning of civilization, the constellation of the Pleiades has directed navigation on Lake Garda.
Seven sister stars, which in Greek mythology are represented by the seven oread nymphs. One of them is MAĨA.
The brightest and oldest star, mother of the poet Virgil, who today gives the sparkling wine Garda DOC its name. read more>


Garda DOC Schaumwein Prosecco Italien

Born in an area with an important history. A place with a thousand years of history and an extraordinary culture that wisely changes and improves the fruits of the earth.

A sparkling wine that comes from a production area bordered by Trento DOC to the north, Prosecco DOC to the east and Franciacorta DOCG to the west, and extends over the moraine hills and the Pedemontana area to the east and west of Verona, respectively .

The roots of the DOC Garda lie on these slopes embroidered with vineyards, in a landscape full of unique charm. A predominantly hilly area around the lake. The precious grapes of Selezione Maĩa Metodo Italiano come from this largest lake in Italy, which is home to a number of wonderful denominations between castles, small picturesque harbors and old villages where time seems to have stood still.

A climate and a terroir that you will not find anywhere else. Vineyards cultivated by experienced winemakers who have passed the art of winemaking on Lake Garda for generations. A wine culture that breathes life into a fine, silky and persistent perlage thanks to partly moraine and partly clay soils.

Gardasee Wein

The ripening results in delicate, fruity notes that harmonize with a lively acidity to create a feeling of freshness and taste-odor persistence.

The perfect ripening begins with fertile soils, which are refreshed and dried by the sea breeze in the ideal isolation of the 45th parallel.

The harmony of a unique environment expresses the complex and articulated aromatic extension of wines for an exceptional sparkling wine made from local white and black grape varieties.

Quality, design and glamor are the key factors of the Maĩa collection, which, together with the Italian touch and an international vision, should spread the message of Lake Garda all over the world through a modern, elegant and refined profile.

Gardasee Italien Weine

The Garda Doc, recognized in 1996, aims today to improve the varieties of 10 denominations in the area of ​​Lake Garda between Lombardy and Veneto. To achieve this goal, she has chosen the Garda DOC Spumante Denomination as the central name for promoting the area. The area planted with vines is 31,000 hectares, most of which are grown in the province of Verona (27,889), while the remaining 3,211 hectares are divided between the provinces of Mantua and Brescia.

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Italienischer Schaumwein Garda DOC
MAĪA Heritage Spumante Brut Garda DOC Schaumwein | Garda DOC | 0,75L Maīa Wine, Italien
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Schaumwein Prosecco aus italien
Maīa Benacus Limited Edition Garda DOC Schaumwein | Garda DOC | 0,75L Maīa Wine, Italien
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Rosé Schaumwein aus Garda Italien
Maīa Rosé Garda Spumante Brut Schaumwein | Garda DOC | 0,75L Maīa Wine, Italien
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