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Wine with artistic labels for special topics, designed by talented Mediterranean artists. read more>

The idea - artistic wine labels

Wein und Kunst Deutscher Wein

In addition to wine, we also have a passion for art. We often work with different artists, in the sense that we take part in their exhibitions or vernissages with our wines and support each other.

Because in the end art & wine are two joys of life for us that go well together.
We have decided to take this collaboration to the next level and include the works of our partner artists in our collection. And what could be nicer than having a wine bottle with your works as an artistic label.

The partner winery

Weingut Stolleis Pfalz

The German Stolleis winery, with whom we share a love for wine and art as well as the spirit of creativity, has taken up this project and has become a partner.

The family-run Stolleis winery has been producing wine in the Palatinate for over 150 years.

The Stolleis family has been growing wine in Mittelhaardt for four generations; The first vines were planted as early as 1668.

Deutscher Wein

The winery benefits not only from its perfectly located vineyards, the precious terroir and especially the special microclimate of the Palatinate, but also from the hard work and motivation of its people and their commitment to produce world-class wines.

Today the Stolleis family and their team pursue an ecological approach to viticulture and a sustainable cultivation philosophy.

Various works of art are exhibited on their wine bottles to bring together the beautiful work of artists and winemakers, who are also artists in a certain way.

The artist

Joseph Kai Künstler Kunst Wein

The Mediterranean flavor of The Wine Cat in this project is mostly sustained by the artworks and artists we work with. Our very first project is a collaboration with the Lebanese comic artist and illustrator Joseph Kai.

Born and raised in Lebanon, Joseph exhibited his work in various cities in Europe and Lebanon such as Paris, Lyon, Berlin, Brussels, London and Beirut and recently wrote his first graphic novel entitled L'Intranquille
Marginalization and gender are central themes in Joseph's current illustration and comic works, his works often touch sensitive social and political issues.
Here you can find yourself look at his works.

Photo credit:
2 + 3- Weingut Stolleis
4 - Emile Zeenny

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